Wedding Dance

Private lessons specific to client requests

A wedding is an extraordinary event that celebrates the union of two unique individuals for life. Because it is such a special occasion, you want the occasion to be incredibly and indelibly etched in your lifetime of memories. And what better way is there to create the perfect memory of your wedding than through dance? Whether you have a special song in mind or a special dance, or even if you have no ideas...we will help you make a memory for a lifetime.  It can be anything you want; a traditional and elegant dance or a unique contemporary will be tailored to your preference.

First Dance

For your first dance as husband and wife, choreograph a unique wedding dance that will please and awe your guests with the help of outstanding and qualified instructors.    

Father/Daughter dance

Show dad how much he means to you-get lessons to fix his two left feet with teachers who will make him and you look like pros.

Mother/Son dance

Let mom know you care-make her feel like a million as she sweeps around the floor in your arms with lessons from experienced and able instructors.

Bridal Party Bonding

People are often shy and unsure when they meet others and this is transmitted into the wedding ceremony-let us give his guys and her gals a chance to bond that can only enhance your big day by providing fun lessons that will create a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere...not to mention the riotous fun on the dance floor!

General Dance

Show the people in your life that you care; by providing lessons from excellent and capable instructors that will make them feel and look good on the floor as they dance the night away!
Call to: Schedule Private Lessons, Discuss Options/Preferences, (217) 345-7182

* Comfortable clothing suggested,  either leather or suede smooth soled shoes.

Wedding Dance

Packages include:
  • typically 6 lessons,...(ask if you would like more)  
  • Private Instruction Specific to Client Request, Professional Choreography, Music Preparation,  and all packages include exercise for wedding fitness (looking Fabulous) - 4 Free Zumba classes. 

Package Rates:  $150 6-60min lesson