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My name is Antoine Thomas and I am one of the coordinators at The DanceLife Center LLC, or "DanceLife" as we call it around here . The studio started on a simple principle that we have continued since our creation and beyond – we are more than just dance.
So what does that mean?
 Our goal is to cultivate young dancers into well-rounded individuals, who have not only an appreciation for dance, but who reach for high achievement in academics and community service as well. we focus on instruction that is diverse, age-appropriate and Thus, learning the art of dance helps young children develop knowledge, skill, and understanding about the world. We aim to inspire and shape our students to be better artists and people both inside and outside of the studio.
Dance meets imperative needs for social-emotional skills, mental well-being, and physical health and provides quality friendships and role models. And, THAT is the greatest investment a parent could make in their child. We have seen this to be true in our own children and in those in our community.

At DanceLife becomes a COMMUNITY and the studio becomes a second HOME for kids during their developmental years. We invite you to meet some of our amazing faculty below, some of whom have been inspiring children for decades.

Welcome to DanceLife!

Building on Legacy

   The DanceLife Center was established by in 2010 with 100 students formally Jacqueline Bennett Dance. The legacy of the Jacqueline Bennett Dance Center is bolstered by the long list of distinguished alumni, several who have continued their involvement in the arts, either in performing and/or teaching. We are honored that some of these alumni have joined our faculty ranks. Additionally, the center historically worked with children to inspire and create opportunities for their maturity and growth.

Our Locations


307 6th Street, Charleston, IL 61920

Phone: (833) 432 - 6232 ext. 1

Email: [email protected]

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105 N. Banker dr. Effingham, IL

Phone: (833) 432 - 6232 ext. 2

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 From its creation the Dancelife Center focused on developing a comprehensive curriculum in order to focus on giving each child or adult the best possible dance education and life experience.  Technique and discipline are stressed throughout every class. Building confidence in each Dancer's abilities and instilling a sense of commitment to themselves and their peers is an important aspect of the Dance Center training. We aim to build our curriculum in the same way we see the world, the 4Ps we call them.
  • Procedure: 
    • there is a technique and a way to get things done and if we work hard on developing those technique we will become better
  • Performance: 
    • Performance is about how the world sees you, our attitude.  We must learn to handle ourselves appropriately in any situation and to do the best in all we do.
  • Passion:
    • The fun of life is discovering you you are and what it is that drive and excites you.  TO learn to work and discover our gifts and traits that will make us successful
  • Purpose
    • We believe that we were not put on this earth just to care about ourselves but to serve and use our passion to make the world a better place.  That one person can using thier passion can make a difference.
     In 2015 DanceLife had been training area dancers for 15 years began to see the legacy of there work pay off. Several of the dancers were now graduates and ready to step into teaching positions of their own. In response DanceLife expanded with a second location at and partnered with Debbie Jansen at Jansen’s power tumbling and gymnastics. With a second location under her belt and with climbing enrollment began with just a handful of students. The studio’s enrollment grew as other families began learning of the stellar reputation and high achievements that The DanceLife Center were accomplishing both in and out of the studio.
Many blessings have come to The DanceLife Center.  We have had the opportunity to see our students not just grow but shine.  One way we have seen this many performing opportunities, which are vital to the Dancer's overall development. Performing teaches responsibility, provides an environment that requires group unity and effort for a common objective, instills confidence and rewards the performer with a sense of accomplishment.
While the DanceLife Center subscribes to a vigorous and professional approach in the training of our community, the DanceLife Center continually employs various teaching methods designed to provide a "fun atmosphere" throughout the training. The DanceLife Center's philosophy is that dancing should be fun, and we feel this environment maximizes each Dancer's capacity to learn. We make developing people not just moving robots.

     With currently two studios, 6 dance classroom, 4+ performance a year and all while reducing stress and time commitment of our families. Who knew that tiny little studio would yield such big dreams! Dancelife is always ready for the next step the studio will take and is honored to serve the our communities with quality dance instruction and loving mentorship.

DanceLife Center:  YOU BELONG HERE!