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For your convenience The DanceLife Center offers our dance families an online account management software system. Families are able to log in to their account to view and print their schedule, track their absences and makeups, update credit card or bank account information, and more! To sign up to use the customer portal, you first have to register for a class for either this Semester or next semester's dance season. Current classes and accounts are not available.

Returning Customers:
If you participated in last semester's dance session, this dance season (whether active or have dropped), or have registered for this semester's dance session - you will click on Customer Portal Login.

New Customers:
If you are new and do not fall in one of the above categories, please view "----Enroll Today" or "Class Registration" below where you will see our class schedule organized by each day of the week. Click on the day you are interested in coming to dance to see the offerings for that day arranged by time. This makes it easy for you to view classes that start before and after each other for families who like to stack their schedule with multiple classes in one day.

  1. Find the class you are interested in registering for and click the red word "Enroll" listed to the left of the class name.

  2. Fill out the information requested (fields with asterisks are required.) From there you will also be able to choose additional classes and add additional students.

  3. A credit or debit card or a bank account is required in order to register.

  4. In the event that a class is full, you will see the word "Waitlist" instead of "Enroll." To be entered on the waitlist, please click that button and proceed. You will be required to enter payment information, however no payment will be made on the account unless a spot becomes available. If a spot becomes available, we will contact you regarding enrolling in the class.

After you are enrolled in a class, you will be able to use the Customer Portal. You will create a Customer Portal account by entering the email address you provided at registration time and clicking the button that says "I don't have or don't know my password." A temporary password will then be emailed to you. Use that to log in to your account. From there you can change your password-just make sure it has a minimum of 8 characters, 1 of which must be a number.

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Creative Movement

Wiggles & Giggles

18 Month - 2.5 years old

This 30-minute class is specifically designed for a child's first experience in a class setting. Parents help their children learn class skills, such as listening, following direction and interacting with the teacher and fellow dancers. The curriculum develops fine and gross motor skills and develops musicality and rhythm. Students are introduced to a class structure , age appropriate stretches, coordination exercises and rhythm through a special experience with mommy (or adult). Creative movement and the use of props are introduced.

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Creative Movement

3 - 4 years old

This 45-minute class introduces the new and exciting world of movement to our youngest students. The program is designed to develop coordination, gross motor skills, body and spatial awareness, rhythm and a love of music and dance. Emphasis is on developing listening and leadership skills. It is a combination class, offering pre-ballet, tumbling and tap with age appropriate music and movement with a fun presentation. Teachers encourage listening skills, social interaction and fun, fun, fun!


Girls - Black leotard & pink tights, pink ballet shoes Boys - Black jazz pants & white T-shirt, black ballet shoes

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4 - 5 years old

A 45 minute class designed to introduce and explore creative movement. Emphasis is on developing gross motor skills, muscle control, balance and spatial awareness, as well as listening and leadership skills. Rhythmical patterns and props are used to create a fun, moving environment!

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5 - 6 years old

For students entering Kindergarten, this one-hour class develops basic ballet vocabulary (center floor), more challenging tumbling skills and coordination and musicality through tap. At this age, children are eager to learn and love to move. Offering fundamentals in ballet, and an introduction to jazz and tap, these dancers are moving in more challenging and developmentally appropriate ways.


Girls - Black leotard & pink tights, pink ballet shoes Boys - Black jazz pants & white T-shirt, black ballet shoes

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Level A (Children Classes)

6 - 8 years old

As children develop emotionally and their love of dance grows, class times increase in order to accommodate increasing vocabulary and the degree of difficulty. Our faculty helps dancers to develop self-motivation, self-confidence and a determination to succeed, while sharing their knowledge and love of dance. To be a truly well rounded dancer, a class in each subject offered should be considered by everyone.

Level B (Pre-Teen Classes)

9 - 12 years old

Our intermediate classes stimulate the mind and body with more challenging technique and choreography. The classes provide more discipline and an elevated level of instruction. Vocabulary is expanded and dancers continue to work on increasing flexibility, strength and control. The atmosphere is still fun and inspires confidence and social skills.

Level C (Intro Teen Classes)

13 years old & up

More advanced technique and the opportunity to explore a passion for dance is the foundation of these classes. Promoting fitness, fun, and self-confidence our faculty motivates each dancer to grow and reach. Under the instruction of attentive faculty, students can explore their creativity through the art of dance. Personal achievement is emphasized in a supportive environment. Dancers work on strengthening and furthering fundamental skills while being challenged to develop to their fullest potential.