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Welcome to the DanceLife Center's online classes! Take a look at our offerings, and feel free to jump in and take a class. 

Live Sessions

Join us for your membership classes with our teachers. Current students, feel free to drop into any age appropriate class you would like to move in and have fun.
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Contemporary                                         May 9th       10am
Preschool                                                 May 9th       11am
Pom                                                           May 11th    6pm
Lyrical       May 12th    5pm
Preschool.                                                May 16h       11am
Modern/Contemporary                        May 16th.     1pm
Tap                                                             May 18th      5pm
Stretch & Conditioning        May 19th      5pm    
Family Hip Hop                                        May 22nd      5pm
Preschool.                                                May 23rd       11am
Jazz technique & combo.                      May 28th        5pm
Family Hip Hop                                        May 29th         5pm
Preschool.                                                 May 30th       11am
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Monday Funday (Games)1pm
TGI Fridays1pm
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3 – 4              Ballet                     9 – 11 years
4:00 – 4:45   Preschool            3 – 5 years
5-6                  Ballet                 11 and above
6:15-7:15       Modern             11 and above
4-5                  Ballet                   6 – 8 years
5:15-6:15      Jazz/tap/ballet    6 – 8 years


3 – 4                Tap        6 – 8 years
4-4:45              Preschool  3- 5 years
4:15 – 5:15      Tap       9 – 11 years
5:30 – 6:30      Tap       11 and above              
6:45 – 7:45      Contemporary     11 and above


4:45           Hip hop & Jazz       4 – 6 years
5:30           Hip hop & Jazz        7 – 9 years
5:30           Hip hop & Jazz        9 and above

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Recorded Sessions

Missed a online class or just want to do some extra movement?    Check out our recorded sessions below!

Creative Movement With Krishna

Stretching Class with Avery

Conditioning Session with Avery

Ballet (Tendu Combo) with Avery

Saute Combo with Lynn

Updated 3/24/20 - More to come