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Procedures to Reopen the Center

  • Teachers will take temperature before arriving to studio. Teachers will record temperature, be asked of signs/symptoms of COVID, and if they have been exposed to a COVID positive person in the last 14 days. If a teacher has recorded a temperature of 99.4 and/or answers yes to the screening questions, the teacher will be asked to leave and self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • Teachers will take street shoes off in hallway and place their street shoes and bag inside the cabinet in the dance room after arrival.
  • All students will be dropped off and picked up from the front of our building in a drive through fashion. Our lobby/viewing area is closed to everyone, besides our students and teachers. One teacher will be outside accepting students. The second teacher (if needed i.e. our young students) will be inside waiting to receive students.
  • Students will sanitize hands once they arrive to building. Students will enter building one at a time. Students will be asked to take Street shoes off once inside the hallway. Students will carry shoes and bag to their designated chair in the back checkered room. Students will place bag and street shoes under their chair, and sit on their chair to change into their proper dance shoes. Students will then enter the large dance room through the small back room to ensure they will not come in contact with another student in the hallway. 
  • Students will be asked to leave all personal belonging inside their bag. The only items that should be visible under the chair are the student’s street shoes and bag.
  • Students will find a spot on a floor colored mat that is spaced 6x6ft away from other floor colored mats. Students will stay at the colored mat at all times during class (stretching, technique, combinations). 
  • If shoe change is needed, students will one at a time, enter the checkered room  through the small back room. Students will sit on their designated chair in the checkered room. Students will then return to their colored mat through the main door to the large dance room. Dancers are encouraged to take a drink from their own water bottle that will be left in their dance bag at this time, if needed. No other drink breaks will be given unless deemed necessary.
  • All students are encouraged to use the restroom before arriving to studio. Students will sanitize their hands before entering the bathroom. Students will be asked if they washed their hands after restroom completion. Students will sanitize their hands after exiting the restroom. A teacher will escort students to and from restroom and wait outside the door to ensure sanitation has been used. The same teacher will sanitize restroom after every use. 
  • Students will be dismissed the same as they entered the building. Students will one at a time enter the checkered room through the small back room, retrieve their belongings, put street shoes on in the hallway, and exit. One teacher will stay in dance room with students, the other teacher will be escorting students down the stairs to their parents. 
  • After every class, chairs, floor mats, handles, knobs, and railings will be sanitized. Floors will be swept and mopped. 
  • Students are asked to stay home if they have a fever higher than 99.4, have a new dry cough, chills, severe headache, and/or have been exposed to a COVID positive person. Students are welcomed to return to class after 72 consistent hours of temperature reading less than 99.4 without medication assistance. 
  • Masks are welcomed, but not required.