Choose DanceLife!

At the DanceLife Center, we support and nurture the love and joy of dance! We believe that life lessons are learned at the studio and that dance is an important part of a child’s full educational experience. At our center, we provide quality education through a team of professional teachers who are committed to inspire, train, and develop students of all ages and abilities. Experience our vibrant arts community devoted to professionalism and excellence in our classes, administration, performances, and general operations. You can connect with us on social media too! 


  1. WE PROJECT A POSITIVE ATTITUDE in a professional, yet friendly environment.
  2. WE PROVIDE MAXIMUM DEVELOPMENT OF INDIVIDUAL POTENTIAL. Equal emphasis, attention and respect is given to every student, regardless of talent, age, skill level, potential, physique, or purpose for enrolling. 
  3. WE HAVE SMALLER CLASS SIZES, which means more teacher attention for each student.
  4. WE ARE KNOWLEDGEABLE, CARING TEACHERS WITH THE RIGHT PURPOSE. Our staff is carefully selected for their expertise and ability to give every student a well-rounded education in dance. 
  5. WE TEACH MORE THAN DANCE. We understand our roles as mentors extends beyond dance instruction. We also hope to instill self-confidence, responsibility, discipline, respect, punctuality, coordination, and grace to all who participate.

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Top Reasons to Choose DanceLife for your Dance Education:

  • Students learn the proper terminology and technique per genre of dance
  • Students learn how to dance, rather than spend a year learning one routine!
  • Our Annual Performances are treated and produced like professional shows fit for any major venue with full lighting, costumes, guest performers, quality choreography, and incredibly talent sure to entertain our entire audience from beginning to end.
  • Excellent student teacher ratio with University trained instructors
  • All children (ages 6+) perform in a stunning year end recital at a professional theatre venue
  • All Pre Ballet dancers perform in an “in-house” recital in an environment that is familiar to them, and the show is all about them!
  • Age appropriate choreography
  • Beautiful and age appropriate costumes
  • Strong technical and performance emphasis
  • Rewarding full body experience (physically, mentally, emotionally)
  • ADULT dance instructors who continue their dance education regularly 
  • Well equipped dance facility (sound system, ballet barres, full length mirrors)

Top Reasons to Choose DanceLife for your Recreational Classes:

Recreational classes provides many great benefits and, while it's not possible to list them all, some of the greater benefits are listed below:
  • Dancing allows one to express oneself.
  • A sense of unity is found within the dance.
  • Dancing provides physical/mental refreshment and relaxation.
  • Laughter and fun — dancing can provide a lot of entertainment.
  • Dancing is a form of exercise.
  • Dancers find inspiration and motivation as they become lost in the dance.

Top Reasons to Choose DanceLife for your Health and Wellness Classes:

  1. Helps You Meet New People
    1. Group fitness classes are a great way to meet new people in your community. Each time you attend class, you start to see some of the same faces, and soon enough, acquaintances become fast friends. CrossTown Fitness frequently hosts social events where members can really get to know each other outside of the gym, creating a strong community of friends who share the same fitness values.
  2. Challenges You
    1. When you’re working out by yourself, it can be tough to really get motivated. But when you’re exercising in a group of people led by an instructor, you always have someone pushing you to do your best. And if you have friends in the class, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone!
  3. Leaves You Accountable
    1. Having to sign up for a group class forces you to make time in your schedule for exercise. You’re held accountable for actually showing up and getting your workout in. Soon enough, you’ll have a consistent exercise schedule that will become as natural as going to work each day.
  4. It’s Fun!
    1. I know – workouts and fun don’t always go hand-in-hand, but they can with group fitness classes! You can socialize with friends before and after class and get a challenging and effective workout from expert HIIT trainers. Besides offering the best group fitness classes, CrossTown Fitness brings in a DJ a few times a month to really create an upbeat, fun environment conducive to a good sweat session.
  5. Provides Variety
    1. While working out on your own can certainly be effective, it’s easy to find yourself in a rut, not sure about how to switch up your workouts and keep them challenging. With group fitness, however, you have an expert instructor who teaches class in a different way every time you come into the gym. He or she changes both the format and the exercises to keep workouts interesting and effective.
  6. Offers Efficiency
    1. We all know the feeling of being on the treadmill, thinking you’ve been running for 10 minutes, only to look down and see that you’re 60 seconds in. Workouts don’t have to be boring. High intensity interval training is so fast paced that an hour class flies by. You’d be surprised as to how little you glance at the clock during the workout. Most often, you’re too focused on your breathing and movements to worry about what time it is.