Level C

(13 - 15 years old)

Intro Teen Classes

More advanced technique and the opportunity to explore a passion for dance is the foundation of these classes. Promoting fitness, fun, and self-confidence our faculty motivates each dancer to grow and reach. Under the instruction of attentive faculty, students can explore their creativity through the art of dance. Personal achievement is emphasized in a supportive environment. Dancers work on strengthening and furthering fundamental skills while being challenged to develop to their fullest potential.

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Charleston Level C Classes

Mattoon Level C Classes

Effingham Level C Classes

Ballet C

13-15 years old
Ballet experience is required. Students must demonstrate preparedness, focus, and commitment and must take a minimum of 2 classes/week. Placement is determined by the instructor. Pointe work is an extension of serious ballet training and all students will be evaluated and placed at the discretion of the instructor.  

More Genres

(Ages as indicated on schedule)

Modern C

Modern Dance is rooted in the movement explorations of modern dance pioneers José Limón and his teacher/mentor Doris Humphrey. Modern emphasizes the rhythm of fall and recovery, use of breath, and the interplay between weight and weightlessness. This expressive style encourages the use of breath to create movement in the torso which in turn informs the movement of the limbs. 

In this class, focus is on the use of the torso and emotional expression. Dancers will work on balance, floor work and improvisation. Ballet is recommended.

Lyrical C

Lyrical combines vocabulary from ballet and jazz to create a highly technical and expressive dance style.  Lyrical is deeply rooted in the use of emotive music selections that engage students to marry technique and theatricality to tell a story through movement.

This class will focus on combining classical Ballet technique with Modern and Jazz dance choreographed to contemporary music with a strong emphasis on self-expression and interpreting the story of the song. Focus is on building both a technically and artistically strong dancer.

Jazz C

Jazz is an American art form stressing technique and style, while introducing Theatre Dance, Contemporary, Funky, African, and many more. 

For students with dance experience. Students should demonstrate skill achievement and have good understanding of dance vocabulary. Focuses on building both technical and performance skills. The class will begin with a warm-up, followed by center work, floor work, stretching, and progressions across the floor. Students will explore choreographic styles ranging from theatrical to contemporary.

Hip Hop C

Dancers can come and have fun doing hip hop moves to various types of music(age appropriate).  Various combinations will be taught throughout the year.  Dancers work at various levels and the instructor will accommodate to all levels.

Hip Hop C (Boys)

For continuing students. 

Express yourself and your attitude to today’s music through high energy and fun-filled choreography. Discover the history and culture of hip hop through trends that shaped the form as we know it, both past and present. (All music and movements is specifically chosen to be age appropriate.)

Emphasis on combining various forms of hip hop, including breakdancing, old school and new school. 


This popular genre of dance incorporates elements from many styles of dance. It tends to utilize both the legwork from ballet and the stress on torso from modern dance. Ballet is recommended.

This class focuses on combining lyrical, jazz, modern and ballet technique while pushing boundaries and discovering new ways to move your body.

Tap C

Learn how to mix technique and rhythm with combinations across the floor. Develop speed, style, rhythmical consciousness and physical coordination. Choreographic styles from rhythm tap to the more theatrical styles will be covered.

Musical Theatre C

This class combines dancing, acting and lip-syncing. Using songs from popular musicals students are given the tools to help create and develop their characters through the use of mime, improvisation, comedy and story telling.